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ABOUT PureJem Pictures, LLC

Tu Tu Much
Its founder, Jem Jender a/k/a James O´Connor-Taylor, formed PureJem Pictures, LLC in the State of New York in 2006 with support from The Actors Fund of America and Career Transition for Dancers.

Within its first year of operation, PureJem Pictures began development on a variety of projects. Embracing a grassroots business philosophy with the objective of bringing new talent together, cultivating work relationships and giving each artist, in whatever medium they work, a feeling that creative work can come alive even on a micro budget, PureJem Pictures observes a true spirit of collaboration.

PureJem Pictures launches onto the independent film scene in 2007 when it begins shooting its first feature, More Than A Woman, developed and budgeted at $500,000. More Than A Woman is being produced under the umbrella of PureJem Pictures.

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