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PureJem Pictures, LLC develops and produces independent films, documentaries, stage musicals and theatrical productions. In an industry where there are very few, if any, open doors, PureJem Pictures strives to provide talented artists with a place for their project to be realized, or a helping hand and point in the right direction for projects that do not fit. It is a goal of PureJem Pictures to gather and employ a team of talent who will collaborate and continue to work together on multiple projects produced by PureJem Pictures, creating not only a studio feel, but also a well-oiled producing machine that maximizes each member´s strengths.

PureJem Pictures will:

◊ Build its reputation as a leading producer of independent films and stage productions with a focus on new and upcoming creative artists;

◊ Become a "go to" production company known for its ability to develop, produce, and distribute quality scripts;

◊ Foster relationships and assemble working networks with other mini or major distribution companies and performing arts centers to secure the success of projects;

◊ Create a positively charged creative environment where collaboration is fundamental.

A vicarious glimpse into the reality, hilarity and insanity
of New York City´s drag world.
For more information, log on to: www.morethanawomanthefilm.com

Check out miss jem jender on youtube!

The Dying Swan
Jem Jender's Parody of "The Dying Swan"
Performed in Japan

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