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The Fundraiser!

The launch of PureJem Pictures LLC began with a grassroots funding campaign for More Than A Woman, called "A Dollar & a Dream." This mailing was distributed via U.S. mail and email to friends, family and colleagues in the entertainment industry. The letter and giving levels ranging from a single dollar to one-thousand and above (very much akin to a non-profit model) also appear on the film's website and have served as an impetus to garner several strong investors interested in PureJem Picture's first project.

This campaign is being followed up with a fundraising event which is now in the planning stages.

Please make a donation via our PayPal account by clicking below.
Our Fantastic Dollar and a Dream Donors!

The JPN Charitable Trust

Patricia Chu

Wendy Woods

Rendle & Thelma Taylor

Nickolas & Nathan

Bill Gentry

John Wessel & Billy O'Connor

Wessel & O'Connor Fine Art


Bill Lora

Floyd Block

Richard & Marcia Blatchford

Dennis O'Connor & Family

Larry Frank

Walter & Marie O'Connor

Judie Wilcox

Victoria Lang & Tony Baarda
Lang Entertainment Group, Inc.

Wayne Clark & Ronnie Britton

Debra "Dee" Atanasyan

Alex Valente

Cathy Lee Hancock

Steve L. Prenzlauer, MD

Sandra Dillman

Tony & Lainie Ventura

Barbara McKeon Scully

Tracey Walker

John McGeorge

Karl Gregory

Sun PK in honor of Anthony Wong

Esther Jaffe

Herbert Sinclair

Louise Kuic

Francine Fishpaw

Carmen L. Alarcon

Marshelle Garner

Dave Fisher

Sandra Dillman
in honor of Rendle Taylor

Laura King

Amy Barsan

Raluca & Claudiu Puiu

Lucy & Jorge Amiev

Ana Quinones

Darlynne Stefanko

Sabrina Criscione

Daniel Pletzer

Shari Upbin


Tanja Mamas

Albert Johnson

The Xtreme Demolition Derby League

The Panneton Family

Roberta Friedman

Leslie Domittner-Cardona

Mela Stevens

Jim Bouderau

Kimberly Fields

Leentje De Leeuw

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